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Door opening direction Door opening direction


​It is very important to plan and decide your door handling and swing direction, a tiny careless mistake could become a costly nightmare.

First door handling, position yourself with your back against the hinge of the door frame. If the door opens to your left, this is a left-handed door. If it opens to your right, it is a right-handed one. Simple!

Another simple technique is to stand facing the door on the side, which swings away from you. After that, hold up your hands, while you pretend your hands are doors and your wrists are hinges. The door is a left-handed door if the movement matches your left-hand. The door is right-handed if your right-hand swings the same as the door in front of you.

Second swing direction, once door handling has been decide, see if the door swings to inside (inswing) or outside (outswing).  In most cases the entrance doors are inswing in order to prevent burgler, but there are some circumstances that requires outswing.

Still being confused?  Don't worry, we will provide a clear drawing with your designer to make sure that
you will receive a perfect door.